Kampot Karaoke Crackdown Continues

Kampot: On the night of August 25, 2021, the authorities of Kampot City Inspectorate raided a KTV and arrested 7 men and women who were drinking and singing at a KTV in Kraing Village, Sangkat Kraing Ampil, Kampot City.

On orders of the Provincial Police Commissioner, at 9:30 pm on August 25, the police force of the Municipal Inspectorate Kampot investigated violations of government measures at a karaoke bar and restaurant called Veasna Sabay Sabay, in Kraing village, Kraing Ampil commune, Kampot city. 

After surrounding the property, police arrested seven men and women who were found drinking and singing in a room. The seven suspects included the owner, karaoke waitresses and two guests from Kampong Kreng commune, Teuk Chhou district and from Kraing Ampil commune, Kampot city. AREY

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