Ganzberg Guzzling Tuk Tuk Drivers Disappear, Rides Detained

Phnom Penh: A group of 3-wheeler tuk tuk drivers who met to crack some cans- in violation of the ban of the Ministry of Health- were arrested by Daun Penh district authorities under COVID-19 laws.

According to various local news reports, around 9 or 10 tuk tuk men were seen drinking at 5:20 pm on August 25, 2021, near Sak Monichet in Chrak Chak commune, Daun Penh district.

As authorities moved in, the drinkers ran away and disappeared, leaving their vehicles behind, so the tuk tuks were confiscated and sent to Daun Penh district inspectorate, waiting for the owners to come and solve the issue according to legal procedures. KPT/NKD

EDIT: Later reports say that the 9 drivers were detained.

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