Weekly Weather: Rainy Season Starting To Show Up?

 The  Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology on August 24, 2021 issued a press release confirming the weather situation in Cambodia from August 25-31, 2021.

The Ministry of Water Resources states that during this period in Cambodia, there will be moderate to heavy rain in the region and calls on people to be careful of rain, thunder, lightning, strong winds and high waves.

In the coming weeks, the Kingdom of Cambodia will be affected by the Indian low pressure valley. For the next days the forecast is:

1: Provinces in the central lowlands
Minimum temperature 25-27 ° C
Maximum temperature 34-36 ° C
There may be moderate to heavy rainfall mixed with thunderstorms and sudden winds.

2: Provinces adjoining Dangrek Mountains and Northeast Plateau
Minimum temperature 23-25 ​​° C

Maximum temperature 32-34 ° C
There may be moderate to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms and gusts of wind.

3-Coastal areas:

Minimum temperature 23-25 ​​° C
The maximum temperature is 33-35 ° C
There may be moderate to heavy rain. There may be heavier rainfall at sea and high waves

The statement called on residents to be vigilant against rain, thunder, lightning, wind gusts and waves.


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