466 New COVID Cases, 510 Treated, 13 Deaths- Total Passes 90,000

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health issued the daily press release on the morning of 24 August 2021, confirming the discovery of 466 new positive cases of COVID-19 and 510 cases that were treated and the patients discharged. Another 13 deaths were reported.

At least 94 cases were reportedly imported, mostly from Thailand, with the other 372  classed as local infections, making around 73,651 since February 20 (with 132 imported- sources may vary slightly- another source changes wildly).

Provincial releases in past few hours (*unclear what days these have been counted as and are only added as a rough guide- due to the Ministry of Health no longer announcing the regional numbers- unsure of what the ‘cut off point’ is for the releases):

Ratanakiri: 18 cases, Prey Veng: 28 cases, 65 treated, 2 deaths, Kratie: 49 cases, Kampong Thom: 26 cases, 111 treated, 3 deaths, Mondulkiri: 27 cases, 19 treated,  Oddar Meanchey: 23 cases, 50 treated, Stung Treng: 13 cases (4 Delta), 23 treated,  Koh Kong: 10 cases, 15 treated, Battambang: 93 cases, 131 treated, 1 death, Kampot: 12 cases, 29 treated, 1 death, Svay Rieng: 7 Delta cases, Pailin: 9 (from Thailand), Banteay Meanchey: 199 cases, 105 treated, Kampong Chhnang: 25 cases, 13 treated, 3 deaths, Kep: 7 cases

This brings the total number of cases to around  90,107 cases with 86,130 cases treated. The death toll has risen to by another 13 to 1,821

So far 2% cases have resulted in deaths. Please note- these numbers may not be 100% accurate.

David Benaim of XLConsulting says this, as a farewell:

Six months into the 20th of February the #COVID19KH summary below splits one chart into phases, I am dividing 7-day moving averages by the highest number so we can overlay cases, deaths & vaccines onto one chart as Cambodia reaches 75% fully vaccinated adults, a milestone only a few countries have reached, most being wealthy European countries. Although Cambodia’s COVID story is far from over as we must continue to be vigilant, this achievement is likely to reduce severe cases, even if Delta grows.

This marks my final daily/regular post (but I’ll still post periodic updates & will assist with any COVID related queries). I’ve spent hundreds of hours on this over the last six months and whilst I’ve been happy to publish what people find useful, journalism is not my field and I cannot continue forever plus I will take a vacation soon. What started off as a few one-off insights soon grew to daily posts & publishing with local media CNE.

Although I will continue to post interesting one-offs which may be around once per week or so, I will no longer be publishing the daily numbers. To the thousands that read my posts daily or regularly, I am sorry as I know that you have relied on my 300+ posts for stats & analysis.To the hundreds who have individually messaged me with their own personal situations around #Covid19Kh, I hope that I have done my best to help. I will continue to do my utmost to assist anyone with your own individual COVID situation e.g., how to get the vaccine, understanding vaccines, getting tested, what to do if you have COVID or contacted someone who has, whether you know me not, please don’t be a stranger.

Finally some useful resources: MAPITkh: An excellent resource by Dixie Roams, who I have watched grow and worked with at every step of the way. I will stay involved through the restrictions map.

CNE: For 6 months I’ve been in touch every day with Cambodia News English. Together we share interesting scoops, insights, resources spanning dozens of news sites and multiple languages, they have published my daily dashboards, but I’ve learned so much from them and hope to continue to contribute in some way.

Cambodianess, VOA & VOD: these independently run news outlets make interesting posts worthy of review.

Fresh News: this government-aligned news site has the fastest information on restrictions, lockdowns and also is the main place I’ve seen the publishes the vaccination numbers by province. Whilst I wouldn’t refer to it for objective news, it is useful for exact wording on gov announcements.

Reuters: the page on Cambodia does an interesting chart like I’ve done here which shows the cases and deaths alongside their maximums and how the trend is showing it’s always kept up to date.

Financial Times: I find the vaccine tracker in this is the easiest to understand as it compares country to country as I check this on daily basis.Our world in data: this shows country comparisons in a very compelling way for anything from cases to deaths to vaccines, it provides me useful insights like which are vaccinating the fastest in the world which ones have the highest case rises etc.

Worldometer: this was the first information that I was originally using for COVID to compact countries but I love that they’ve done more recently as you can see weekly trends across countries.

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