Public Holidays 2022 Announced- Weekends & Double Dates

The official announcement for public holidays has been released. Sadly, for the work-shy, the next year’s events fall mainly on the weekend, with some (Constitution Day-Pchum Ben and Independence Day-Water Festival) clashing on the same date. Only 10 days off fall on weekdays. But, many will probably be happy to get back to work and wait for 2023 for the long weekends,

In 2021, there were many Mondays and Fridays, meaning plenty of long weekends- but COVID restrictions and general malaise dampened a lot of these happy days. The calendar and moons are not so favorable in 2022.

January 1 (Sat)New Year’s Day
January 7 (Fri)Victory Day
March 8 (Tue)International Women’s Day
April 14-16 (Thur-Sat)Cambodian New Year
May 1 (Sun)International Labor Day
May 14 (Sat)King’s birthday
May 15 (Sun)Visak Bochea
May 19 (Thur)Ploughing Day
June 18 (Sat)National Mother’s Birthday
September 24 (Sat)Constitution Day
September 24, 25, 26 (Sat-Mon)Pchum Ben
October 15 (Sat)King Father’s Commemoration Day
October 29 (Sat)Coronation Day
November 7, 8, 9 (Mon-Wed)Water festival
November 9 (Wed)Independence Day

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