New High Reach Firetrucks Unveiled

Phnom Penh: New fire trucks with a lift height of 52 meters will soon come into service. These new vehicles can carry out firefighting operations in narrow or complex areas too difficult for small fire trucks to access.

On the morning of August 21, 2021, officials from the Office of Fire Prevention and Rescue of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police led by Mr. Colonel Prohm Yorn, Director of the Office, trained officers on the use of the new vehicles to be proficient before reaching the official permission to use them soon.

They are EVERDIGM Model ERL 54C with a capacity of 3,500 liters and a ladder height reach of 52 meters.

An official from the Phnom Penh Fire Bureau said that the two vehicles would be used by Phnom Penh Municipal Police and the Department of Fire Extinguishment and Prevention of the Ministry of Interior. KPT

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