Mystery Case, As Gunshots Reported On Koh Pich

Phnom Penh: Preliminary reports say that at least three gunshots were fired after a group of men and women drove an unknown car to a stall on the riverfront at Koh Pich. After drinking and leaving, they suddenly pulled out a weapon, fired three shots, got into a car and drove away, much to the surprise of Koh Pich security.

After a report was given to the authorities, the military forces of Chamkar Mon district came down to check and interrogate people at the scene, but did not find any bullet casings.

The incident occurred at 10:05 pm on Friday, August 20, 2021, at a restaurant on the riverfront about 30 meters south of Hang Bridge in the area of ​​Koh Pich, Tonle Bassac, Khan. Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh.

According to a woman who asked not to be named, and works in a bar near the scene, before the incident, a group of men and women came to sit and drink in the bar. For a while, the drunken men and women left the store without knowing what was going on, then took out a gun (unknown brand) and fired three shots into the sky, but no one was injured. After the shooting, the men and women fled the scene in a car, shocking Koh Pich security forces and forces. Police in Chamkar Mon district inspected the scene and questioned those who saw the incident to identify the target, but the police searched around the scene but did not find any shell casings.

A female cleaner in the bathroom near the scene also said that she also heard a few explosions and saw an unmarked car drive past her at high speed. A security guard at a nearby shop also said that he also heard three explosions in a row.

However, the reporters have not yet received any confirmation from the authorities as to what happened, but it is thought that there must be security cameras in the area that will be checked.

The local police force of Chamkar Mon district went down to the scene to investigate whether the case of the shooting was real or not. KHMERNOTE

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