Giant Turtle Caught In Kampong Cham Lake

Kampong Cham Province: On the afternoon of August 19, 2021, a giant turtle weighing more than 33 kg was caught by villagers in a lake in Sangkat Sambour Meas, Kampong Cham City. It was taken to professional officers for conservation.

The Amyda cartilaginea , or Asiatic softshell turtle, is a rare and endangered species. The female weighed in at a whopping 33.9 kg and was caught in a lake called Boeung Snay in Ta Neng village, Sangkat Sambour Meas, Kampong Cham city.

After the villagers caught the giant turtle, they handed it over to the Fisheries Administration District, and they will hand it over to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for release in a safe area, where it can continue to preserve this rare species from extinction.

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