Cambodian Workers Killed In Thai Crash

Poipet City: According to a report from Thailand, a vehicle carrying Cambodian workers crashed into a pond, killing four, including a man, a woman, a three-year-old and a baby. Four others survived.

According to the police, the car that the workers were in was traveling from Rong Klue Market to Ta Preah Ya District, Sa Kaeo Province at 6:30 on August 19, 2021.

it was reported that they came from Rong Klue Market after contacting a broker, and someone came to pick them up and they paid 7,500 baht per person.

A total of seven Cambodians- including young children, together with a Thai driver, were in the Toyota car, when they ran into a police checkpoint and the driver sped up to avoid it. The car then crashed into a pond and the occupants were trapped inside.

Authorities found four people dead, including the Thai driver, a Cambodian woman and two young children, and four others managed to escape. Divers and a rescue team later lifted the vehicle from the water.

The bodies were taken to Ta Preah Ya District for forensic examination and the car was kept at the police station in Ta Preah Ya district.

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