Reports Of Phnom Penh Human Trafficking Rescue

Phnom Penh: According initial reports, at 9:45 am on August 17, Phnom Penh police raided a house in Sen Sok District and rescued 12 foreigners and Cambodians who were suspected of being smuggled into the country.

The police received a report that multiple foreigners who entered the country illegally were trapped in the house, so they immediately went to investigate and found 12 foreigners and Cambodians , including 3 Chinese and 6 Thais.

After interrogation, it was learned that these people were led by ‘snakehead’ human traffickers and smuggled into Cambodia from Vietnam to find work. However, after arriving in Phnom Penh , they were detained in the townhouse for 10 days and could not go out.

It is understood that this operation was reported to the police by a Thai woman, who can speak little Khmer. Currently, the Phnom Penh police are hunting down the suspects, and n details on arrests have yet been announced.

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