‘Welcome Svay Rieng’ Taken Out By Trucker

Svay Rieng Province: A traffic accident occurred due to a container truck suspected of being operated by drowsy driver hit the ‘Neak Poan’ specimen with the slogan “Welcome to Svay Rieng”, causing complete destruction. Fortunately no one was injured.

 The incident happened at just past 8 pm on August 16, 2021 on National Road No. 1 in front of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of Svay Rieng Province in Svay Rieng City.

 According to the villagers, before the incident, there was a container truck with license plate Phnom Penh 3C-0630, trailer number Phnom Penh 4A-1592, driving from west to east on National Road No. 1. It oversteered and smashed into the Neak Poan statue with the words “Welcome to Svay Rieng”, causing a surprise.

Residents said that the cause of the accident may have ben because the place is dark, and the driver of the car does not know the road. It was also suspected the driver was either sleepy or drunk. None of these could be confirmed, as, after seeing the uncomfortable predicament, the driver fled, leaving truck behind.

 Later, the police arrived to lift the truck to the provincial traffic police office to deal with later according to the law. NOKORWAT

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