Korean Businesswoman Arrested For Writing Bad Checks

Phnom Penh:  A Korean woman was arrested in connection with the crime of “fraud, breach of trust and non-compliance by issuing checks for more than 60,000 US dollars on August 15, 2021.

The Korean woman was named CHAE HWA JUNG, chairman of the board of H & K Partners Co., Ltd. Her husband is KIM YOUNG EUN, director of H&K Partners Co., Ltd. The couple were accused by Mr. KIM GIL DONG, also a Korean.

The complaint states H&K Partners Co., Ltd. ordered raw materials for the production of glass doors and windows from the company of the victim KIM GIL DONG- costing more than $ 100,000 . However, the suspect couple did not pay the full amount, paying only $ 36,000, still lacking more than $ 60,000. The two suspects also promised to pay on April 15, 2021, and issued a check for just over $60,000.

However, the deadline to cash the check came and the bank told the victim there was no money in the account. The two suspects continued to promise to pay the victim, but still have not done so. AREY

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