UPDATE: Chinese Nationals Arrested In SHV Kidnap Case

Sihanoukville: According to initial reports, at 1:45 pm on August 13, police arrested five Chinese suspected of kidnapping another Chinese national in the Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville
It is understood that Chinese men and one woman were detained, and the victim was a Chinese male.

The specifics are still unclear, but the suspects have taken to the police station for interrogation.

This incident caused a surprise on the afternoon of August 14, 2021 at the Thai Hospital in Village 3, Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville. Sihanoukville Provincial. Police launched an operation to arrest four Chinese nationals after a confrontation with a Chinese national.

Preah Sihanouk Provincial Police Commissioner Major General Chuon Narin said that after receiving information from people through the hotline, the criminal planning force immediately arrived at the scene and cooperated with the police force of Sangkat 4 and the police force.

The victim in this incident was named as ZHANG GUO, male, 27 years old, living in Village 2, Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville. The four suspects are: GAO PAN, female, 27 years old, living in Village 1, Sangkat 3, ZHANG JIN WEI, 28 years old, (shareholder of Howie Hotel), LIU SHUIA 25-year-old manager of White Sand Palace Casino and JIANG LIE QIANG, 21-year-old driver for casino owner.

Police confiscated a white PORSCHE car with license plate Phnom Penh 2AI-2106. Sihanoukville Provincial Police is continuing with the legal procedures.

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