Man Admits Staging Wife’s Hose Hanging Suicide

Takeo: On Monday, August 9, 2021, at 23:20, Bati District Police Inspectorate received information about a suicide by hanging in the village of Khvay Kom, Doung commune, Bati district. The victim, Dy Ngan, a 45-year-old female resident of the village-commune, took a piece of plastic pipe and hung it from the bed.

After receiving the information, the technical and scientific force of Takeo Provincial Police, in cooperation with the specialized force of Bati District Police Inspectorate, conducted an autopsy and concluded that it was actually a murder case. Under the leadership of Major General Sok Samnang, Commissioner of Takeo Provincial Police and with the coordination of the procedure by HE Prosecutor of Takeo Provincial Court, a thorough investigation went on until August 11, 2021. At 07:30, forces detained the suspect, Kheng Sokun, male, 48 years old, the husband of the victim, for questioning.

After being arrested, the suspect confessed to killing his wife with the plastic pipe, tying it to the bed and shouting for neighbors to help, in order to cover up the evidence. The motive was a family conflict.

The suspect is currently being processed and will be sent to the Takeo Provincial Court for further proceedings. POST NEWS

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