6 Thais Caught Hopping Border For Poipet Casino Work

Poipet City: Thai police stationed at the Cambodian border arrested six Thai nationals trying to cross the border to work in Cambodia at 5:25 on August 12, 2021.
Police along the border say Thai troops, in cooperation with the 12th Border Patrol Force and Nga Preah Ya District Police, arrested the six Thais while they were illegally crossing the border near Nang Ya Keo Village, Kork Commune, Kork Khuong District, Sa Kaeo Province. They were detained for questioning at the 4th Battalion Headquarters. 

After the interrogation, it was revealed that some people from Chiang Mai, Rayong and Bangkok needed to cross the border to work in Poipet city, and a casino company paid for their travel. NKD

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