Phnom Penh Curfew Extended For Another Week

Phnom Penh: The night curfew, which was implemented for the past two weeks, will be extended by Phnom Penh Capital Administration for another week from 13 to 19 August 2021.

The new curfew will be from 22.00-03.00 from 13 August 2021 to 19 August 2021. *It is not yet clear about other cities/provinces.

 KTVs, nightclubs, beer gardens and casinos; resorts, museums, playgrounds, and amusement parks; massage therapy, sauna and steam businesses; alcoholic beverage outlets; cinemas, theatres, sports clubs, and fitness centres have to temporarily shut down for two more weeks, from Aug. 13 at 00:00 to Aug. 26.

At the same time, it added, private gatherings of over 15 people will also be banned for 14 more days, but with some exceptions.

Exemptions include

Civil servants and armed forces in conjunction on missions
Travel of foreign diplomats, staff of foreign missions, UN agencies and who are Officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with identification and employment documents will be able to accompany the Cambodian driver
Journalists with identification and employment documents and a letter of authorization for travel from a qualified institution or entity
Air travel passengers to the airport, accompanied by identification and travel documents. For air travelers departing from the airport, the health rules in force shall apply.
Travel of officers and operational staff working at the airport, accompanied by proof of identity and mission order or travel permit of the relevant institution or entity
Travel for medical reasons, but not more than 4 family members
Travel to return to the home or residence of the person who completed quarantine and patients from hospital
Freight Materials and groceries of all kinds, but not more than 2 members and must not be gathered. In particular, the transportation of food and beverages of all kinds during the implementation of the curfew is prohibited
The transportation of state strategic goods
Emergency services and health services, both public and private
Fire Fighting
Services – Electricity & Water Supply
Telecommunication Operations Services
Food & Beverage Production Centers
Strategic Services for Combating and Preventing COVID 19 – Production, Supply and Supply of Medicines, Alcohol, Oxygen and Medical Equipment Others
Gas stations
Hotel and lodging services
Those performing public service obligations
Necessary cases and other necessary public services with the permission of the authorities.

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