Kampong Spue Governor Ups COVID Fines

Kampong Speu: The Provincial Governor has adjusted the fines for breaking COVID rules, payable to the provincial administration, which now range from 250,000 riel to imprisonment.

Mr. Vy Samnang, Governor of Kampong Speu Province, said in the decision dated August 9, includes individuals who do not wear and/or keep a safe distance will receive a transaction fine of 250,000 Riels ($62.50). 

A person who intentionally disobeys the measures restricting or prohibited from traveling shall be fined 2.5 million Riels. Third, a person who intentionally disobeys the measures restricting or prohibiting gatherings or gatherings shall be fined 2 million Riels. Intentionally disobeying a measure prohibiting activities such as work, occupation or business will be fined 3 million riels. Intentional measures to restrict or ban traffic in or out of areas where 19 cases of COVID have been found will be fined 3 million Riel ($750).

Individuals who do not intentionally comply with the curfew will be fined 3.5 million riels. Individuals who intentionally disobey the measures to block areas or places where there is an outbreak of COVID 19 shall be punished with a 4 million riels ($1000) fine. Individuals who do not intentionally comply with administrative measures or prohibitions on trading in goods which are risks to COVID 19 outbreaks will be fined 5 million riels, and individuals who intentionally disobeyed other administrative measures necessary to respond to the prevention of the spread of COVID will be fined 2.5 million riels.

The provincial governor continued that the decision to issue such penalties is the responsibility of the competent officials of the Kampong Speu Provincial Administrative Police. Those breaking the rules will be given a transitional penalty receipt, and the fine must be paid within 30 days from the date of receipt.

The governor added that the issuance of transitional penalty receipts must be made in three copies, one for handing over to individuals who do not comply with Intentional administrative measures and two more copies to be kept as documents.

The provincial governor warned that for individuals who have violated the above administrative measures, in case the offense is committed again, the penalty amount is to be doubled, and the proceeds collected from the penalty shall be recorded in the income of Kampong Speu Provincial Administration.

In the case of individuals who do not pay the fine within the above period, a case will be opened to send to court, with extra punishment in addition to the above transitional penalty.

In the event of transmission of COVID 19 to another person, the offender will be sentenced to imprisonment and face fines in accordance with Article 10 of the Law on Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and Infectious Diseases. KPT

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