UPDATE: Hunt For Missing Sihanoukville Teen In Derelict Casino

Sihanoukville: Authorities are continuing to search for a 14-year-old boy who was reported missing by his family. They have been focusing on an abandoned casino building named Gandao in Village 4, Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville. As of noon on August 10, 2021, the boy has not been found, and according to Colonel Tey Visal, Sihanoukville Police Inspector, said that the authorities and rescue teams are looking both inside the casino building and outside the casino site.

According to the source from the mother of the missing child, the boy named Phuong Veha, 14 years old, was the first of five children who came to pick up scrap metal around Ochheuteal beach every day. On the day of the incident, his son came to pick up scrap with the other children, but ddid not return home as usual.

It was discovered that their son had disappeared while collecting scrap metal from the casino, which had been shut down. (Huy Bunleng)

UPDATE: The body of the boy was found in the flooded basement under a pile of garbab

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