Strange Timber Truck Hits Kratie School Gate

Kratie: A (bizarre looking) truck loaded with timber crashed into the gate of Krakor School, Kratie City, causing the gate to fall to the ground. The vehicle was then hidden in the pagoda opposite on the morning of August 9, 2021.

The source reported that the truck was transporting several cubic meters of sawn wood from Chit Borei district, Kratie province, with the intention of selling it to other provinces. The truck oversteered and crashed into the gate of Krakor Primary School in Kratie City, and the truck was hidden in the Krakor Pagoda opposite.

Some sources obtained by Rasmei Kampuchea claim that the truck was likely to be escaping from the relevant authorities.

Authorities and Kratie Provincial Forestry Administration officials did not immediately comment on the incident, and the driver was not identified. RASMEI

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