Kampong Speu Men Arrested For Health Product Pyramid Scheme

Kampong Speu Province:  Brigadier General Nhem Sao, Deputy Police Commissioner of Kampong Speu Province, cooperated with the relevant officers to arrest two suspects claiming to be the distribution agent of Unicity ‘Unicity Make Life Better Company’ in Kampong Speu Province.

The men were named as Vit Sok Ren, 27 years old from Okorki village, Tang Krouch commune, Samrong Tong district, Kampong Speu province, and Chea Bin, 41 years old, from Kraing Pong village, Khtum Kraing commune, Samrong Tong district, Kampong Speu province.

In addition, they persuaded their clients to understand and accept the concept of an unconventional beliefs, by assuring and citing practical examples of someone who has been ill for months and years and has recovered after using their company’s health supplements for a short time, giving hope for their new customers who were suffering illnesses.

After gaining trust, they tried to attract customers to use the product for profit and have the opportunity to earn money from the promotion of the company’s products. By changing from ordinary users to primary distributors, some were promised they could even become area managers by using cash to buy investment packages.

The two agents, along with four other party members, recommended the purchase of a $ 25,000 package, promising a monthly dividend of $ 3,000 and receiving Gold card from the company for work in the future, and when they retire, receive a monthly stipend of $ 1,500 to $ 3,500, along with the opportunity to travel abroad, travel to Europe and Asia.

After the explanation, the victim agreed, but did not have enough money, so they ordered the victim to take his personal property as collateral, and offering private loans, and guaranteed that the company would help to pay interest for 2 months.

After receiving the money, they escaped, using the excuse that the company is managing to bring customers abroad and bring new products. “Do not worry, the budget is not lost.”

The authorities request the citizens who face the above problems, to please stop immediately so as not to succumb to the tricks of this group, and request that if there is such a case, please come and file a complaint for the authorities to help provide justice. KBN

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