Man Punches Doctor At Vaccination Center, Escapes

Tbong Khmum: Provincial authorities are pursuing a hooligan who beat up a doctor while he was vaccinating people at Boeung Proul Health Center, Bat Dey Krom Village, Boeung Proul Commune, Tbong Khmum Province on August 2.

Hang Serey Samrithy, a 28-year-old doctor at Chiro 1 Health Center, told a local newspaper on August 4 that he had been assigned by the center’s director to participate in injecting COVID-19 vaccine at Boeung Proul Health Center in Boeung Proul commune, Tbong Khmum district. On August 2, more than 100 Cambodians and Cambodian Muslims came to be vaccinated.

He said that at about 10 am on August 2, his team had only about 20 people left to vaccinate. There was some confusion after Boeung Proul commune council, which is a Khmer Islam group, called about 30 to 40 people to get vaccinated as they did not get a number.

Mr. Samrithy added that among the people who came later, there was also a man who claimed he had already been vaccinated. He had no number, so the doctor asked him to sit and wait while he injected others. About 10 minutes after the attacker arrived, a Highlander car parked up near the vaccination site.

The assailant walked to meet the people in the car. A moment later, the assailant jumped up and hit the doctor. “I shouted for help, but no one came while the commune authorities were there,” he said. The assailant said, “What a wonderful doctor!”

The doctor described that after the assailant hit him on the forehead he ran into the Highlander car and it drove away. He went to report and file a complaint at the Boeung Proul commune police station to submit to the authorities to handle this matter.

Mr. Samrithy said: “I do not need any compensation, how to get justice and honor back. “This person has hurt my reputation very much.”

Boeung Proul commune police chief Sun Sothea said on August 4 that he had already received an order from the Tbong Khmum provincial commissioner and was following up on the case. “Now the authorities are cooperating with Kampong Cham (police) to catch the perpetrators,” he said. KBN

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