Restaurants Allowed Customers Under Strict Rules

Phnom Penh: The Capital Administration has issued new guidelines on the evening August 3, 2021, which will allow restaurants to accept customers for dine-in business under strict safety conditions.

1: Restaurants in hotels and restaurants that can ensure health safety rules, especially to maintain social distancing gaps between individuals can run a business as normal and accept dine-in customers on the business premises. However, it is necessary to limit the number of customers in proportion to the size of the location in order to maintain distance and to ensure adequate ventilation. Customers must maintain a 1.5-meter gap on each business premises.

2: Absolutely no alcohol sales or allowing customers to drink any kind of alcohol on the business premises. All business activities between 21:00 (twenty one) to 3.00 (three) hours must cease until (at least) August 12, 2021.

3: The management of the hotel and the owner of each restaurant must implement strict health safety measures, such wearing a mask, maintaining safety gaps, disinfection, temperature measurement, QR Code scanning and must follow the instructions of The Ministry of Health.

4: The 14 Khan Administration and the Department of Tourism of Phnom Penh shall cooperate in inspecting all types of hotels and restaurants in Phnom Penh to ensure the correct implementation of the contents of this instruction. In the event that it is found that the management of the hotel or the owner of any restaurant has not implemented the rules properly or does not comply with the content of this instruction, administrative and legal measures shall be taken without exception.

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