Evicted Chinese Investor Pleads For Landlord Intervention

Sihanoukville: According to local media, at 3 pm on August 1, a Chinese man in Sihanoukville knelt down in the street and begged to negotiate with his former landlord who had taken back ownership of a hotel.

The Chinese man revealed that the hotel opened in October 2020, and he invested a total of 18 million yuan ($2.786 million). Before the epidemic, the monthly rent was 51,000 U.S. dollars, and then it was reduced slightly.

He said that during the epidemic, due to lack of business, he owed rent to the landlord. On May 31, 2021, the owner recruited more than 30 people to evict him.

The Chinese man said that he has now raised funds, hoping to repay the back rent to the owner, and then hand over the hotel to himself to continue operating. However, the owner refused to negotiate, so he hoped that the Cambodian media would report the news and requested Prime Minister Hun Sen to come forward and help him.

He said that this hotel is his life’s hard work, and all his wealth has been invested in this hotel, so he hopes to continue doing business in Sihanoukville, and he cannot return to his country now.


One thought on “Evicted Chinese Investor Pleads For Landlord Intervention

  • August 2, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Should have had an agreement to arbitrate the dispute.


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