Domestic Violence- Wife Requires 150 Stitches, Husband Stabs Himself

Kandal: On July 29, 2021, an angry husband, attacked his wife with a cleaver, leaving her needing 150 stitches. He then stabbed himself in the abdomen with two other knives, in Toul Leap village, Prey Pouch commune, Ang Snoul district, Kandal province.

The victim was named as Ream Sokly, female, 24 years old, and the suspect as Yong Sovannra, male, both residing in Tuol Leap village, Prey Pouch commune, Ang Snoul district, Kandal province. 

In the past, the suspect had suffered from mental illness. The incident occurred after the victim refused to give the suspect a door key, so he became angry, shouted and kicked her. He then pulled out a cleaver to cut the victim’s head with four times and once on her right right hand. She needed 150 stitches after she was taken to hospital. The man then jumped through the fence behind the house and ran to sit in the middle of a field.

Police received information from the victim’s family and immediately went to the scene to find the suspect sitting in the middle of the field. He had two knives stabbed in his abdomen. He was arrested and sent to hospital, where he required seven stiches. Legal action is now pending. AREY

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