Window Smasher On Drugs Arrested

Kandal: On Friday, July 14, 2021, there was a case of intentional damage to a person’s house. in Borey Kamakor village, Bek Chan commune, Ang Snoul district, Kandal province.

The victim was named as Chhang Kimrong, female, 52 years old, and the suspect as Chhay Kimhun, male, 18 years old. Both live in the same village.

The damage was a window, broken with a wooden stick, which was confiscated.

Prior to the incident, at about 8:10 PM, the victim closed the door and went to rest and later heard the sound of someone hitting the door of the house, She shouted and asked who was there and the suspect shouted back that his name was Kim Hun, and asked the victim if she had any, and the victim replied that there was no money.

The suspect then walked to the back window and used a wooden stick to smash the glass. The victim called to report to the authorities, and immediately after receiving the complaint by telephone, the specialized police force, in cooperation with the Bek Chan police force, arrived at the scene and detained the suspect for questioning.

The suspect confessed that, at around 19:10, the victim insulted his family, so he used a wooden stick to hit the window of the victim’s house. He then tested positive for drug use. A case is being built according to the procedure. POST NEWS

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