Teen Injured In COVID Center Attack

Phnom Penh: On July 24, 2021, a teenage girl, who is the sister of Khmer boxer Ouch Thearith, was attacked by an assailant while she was being treated for COVID-19 with her mother at the National Olympic Stadium.

The victim, 16-year-old Ouch Reachni, needed 10 stitches to her arms and 4 stitches to her neck.

According to sources, she suffered the injuries while fighting off a man who began stabbing her.

Her older brother, expressed his pain and sympathy for his sister and mother, saying, “I feel sorry for you…. who is sick with COVID. And at the Olympic Hospital, someone came to stab my mother and sister, my sister was injured- 10 stitches and 4 stitches in the neck, the authorities and doctors helped to look after my mother and sister, I feel sorry for you and my mother, my family is so difficult…. what can I do, mother? I apologize for not being close to take care of my mother and sister.”

According to a Facebook account, the assailant was a drug dealer. Others also shared that he also went to accompany his mother. The patient reportedly stabbed himself after the attack, and the incident was due to mental illness. AREY

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