Smart Scolded For Selling Cellphone Numbers Still In Use

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has issued a press release on actions taken following violations of the procedure for maintaining telephone numbers for customers.

Recently, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications found that Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. had violated the procedure by cutting off the telephone numbers of customers who were still using them to resell to new customers without the consent of the original customer.

In order to protect the rights and interests of mobile phone users, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications would like to inform the public about the following actions against Smart Asiata Co., Ltd.:

1. Smart Asiata Co., Ltd. to issue a public apology by posting on its official website and promising not to repeat the incident.
2. Smart Asiata Co., Ltd. is required to compensate the original owner for any misconduct in closing the telephone number of the customer who is using it.
3. The original owner has the right to get the phone number back to use.
4. All persons involved in the above cases will be held accountable before the law in force.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications reminds all mobile service providers to strengthen the management and procedures for the proper distribution and sale of mobile phone SIM cards to their customers to avoid such incidents. The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications will continue to monitor and take the strictest action in accordance with the laws and regulations in force for any mobile phone service provider who has committed an offense. PPR

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