Illegal Drug Factory Raided In Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh: Police from Chbar Ampov district, in cooperation with the police force of the Anti-Drug Department of the Ministry of Interior, cracked down on illegal drug storage and packaging on Street M-03, Boeung Chhouk village, Niroth commune, Chbar Ampov district on July 20. 2021 at 9:40 p.m.

5 suspects, initially believed to include foreigners (*sounds Vietnamese and/or Chinese, not yet clear) were arrested.

Police said that they found the drugs on the 2nd floor, and included white powder, packaged in 40 ‘Chinese tea‘ wrapping, what is suspected to be 15 large packages of ketamine and colored pills suspected to be MDMA/ecstasy. Machines and other equipment were also seized.

The suspects and evidence confiscated from the location were handed over to the Anti-Drug Department of the Ministry of Interior for further action.

Updates to follow

UPDATE: The suspects have been named: First: Ham Savuth, 52 years old (Khmer), Second: Le VAN DUOT (LE VAN DUOT), 31 years old, Third: Nguyen Than Koeung (NGUYEN THANH CUONG), 26 years old, Fourth: LE CAM PHUNG, female, 25 years old, and Fifth: HOANG NGOC HAN, 25 years old female (all Vietnamese nationals).

The seized items included 101 kg and 982.04 grams of (MDMA), 39 kilograms and 854 grams of CATHINONE, 14 kilograms and 450.76 grams of methamphetamine (ICE), and ketamine with a net weight 112.81 grams, acetone liquid with a weight of 6 kg and 668.25 grams, as well as equipment for processing drugs.

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