Cambodian Students Graduate In Russian Uni Nuclear Studies

Russia According to the Cambodian Students Association of the Russian Federation on July 16, 2021, two Cambodian students have successfully graduated from Russia with a bachelor’s degree in civil nuclear science.¬†This is according to a source from the Khmer Students Association of the Russian Federation.

The Khmer Students Association of the Russian Federation expresses its congratulations to Mr. Keo Makara and Mr. Kem Chanpaly who have successfully completed their Bachelors Degree in Nuclear Power Engineering and Thermal Physics from Peter the Great University. St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

It should be noted that both of them are graduates of Civil Nuclear Power, the first generation of the Human Resource Development Project of the Royal Government of Cambodia, to be able to achieve the development of civil nuclear power in Cambodia in the future. SABAY

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