Drunk Naval Officer Shows Off His Shooter

Phnom Penh: A man reported to be a naval officer and his friends went to eat at a restaurant and got drunk. He then pulled out a pistol, bragging, drinking and even adding ammunition, frightening the business owner, who immediately complained to the authorities to detain him.

Sources from the shop owner said that before the incident, the man and another friend came to sit and eat in The man was drunk for more than an hour when he pulled out a K59 pistol and hung it on a table. Frightened staff came to tell him, so he was afraid there would be problems, so complained to the authorities to detain him. Another male friend escaped before authorities arrived.

The man who was detained by the police was named Lay Sakon, a soldier with the rank of Commander of the 1st Battalion, Navy Coast Guard.

The same source confirmed that the man holding the gun did not have an argument with anybody, but was drunk and bragging, but people feared that something would happen, so they complained to the authorities.

The man was arrested by the special intervention force of Chroy Changvar district and handed over to the local police at Chroy Changvar police station. The police handle the procedure. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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