More Angkor Park Rosewood Trees Missing Due To Illegal Logging

Siem Reap: Reports say that the destruction of large trees in the Angkor Park area continues despite the authorities’ restrictions there.

The latest incident of cutting down trees occurred on the evening of July 12, 2021, at the entrance of Wat Anlong Shadow, in Thlong village, Leang Dai commune, Angkor Thom district, Siem Reap province.

Regarding the deforestation in the above area, there has not yet been any clarification from the APSARA Authority by the night of July 12, 2021.

Please be reminded that in recent years, a group of traders have raided the rosewood growing in the Angkor Park area, which is controlled by the joint police force.

However, illegal traders can still take the opportunity to steal rosewood in the Angkor Park area without fear of legal action.

It remains to be seen whether the relevant authorities in Siem Reap and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can take measures to find the perpetrators who conspired to cut down the forest in the Angkor Park area. KPT

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