Random Shooting In Russey Keo

Phnom Penh: At 11 pm on July 11, 2021, a gun was fired along Street 93 near Ponhea Krek Primary School in Sangkat Tuol Sangke 1, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh.

According to sources from the victim, before the incident, a young woman and three other friends who were riding a red Honda Beat came to stop in front of Ponhea Krek Primary School to wait for other friends. A man driving a silver pickup truck, (they could not remember the license plate) was traveling along the road when the driver stopped and walked out of the car, pointed at the woman, and walked back into the car, pulled out a gun and fired a shot. He then drove away. Luckily there were no injuries.

After the above incident, the victim panicked and rode away on a motorcycle without filing a complaint. POST NEWS

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