Air Force Gets New ‘VIP’ Russian Choppers

Phnom Penh: According to Twitter account user (and a watchful eye over the Cambodian military) T-55AM1@ShepherdClavis– “Weapons and equipment analysis in the SEA region, specifically around Cambodia and its neighbouring nations”, the Royal Cambodian Air Force (RCAF) has just received 3 Mil Mi-8AMT helicopters (instead of the supposed Mi-171A2s) for use by the VIP transport squadron.

“This marks an expansion in the RCAF’s VIP transport capabilities as Government and high-ranking military personnel now prefer to use helicopters instead of cars for travel in between provinces. Though it must be noted that this is also due to RCAF pilots (new pilots who were trained in Russia and China) using the Z-9 helicopters as a training platform.”

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