Angry Wife Stabs Husband To Death

Pursat: A husband and wife quarreled to the point of violence, when the angry wife pulled out a knife, stabbed her husband to death and tried to escape from the police.

Pursat Provincial Police arrested her at around 1 am on July 10, 2021, after the argument led to her stabbing her husband in the left rib, causing his sudden death at the scene.

According to Colonel Yi Theang Leng, Veal Veng District Police Inspector, on the morning of July 10, 2021, the incident happened at 10:30 pm on July 9, 2021 at O17 point in Dey Krahorm village, Anlong Reap commune, Srok district. Veal Veng, Pursat province. The suspect was named as Tang Kea, alias Nheng, 26 years old. The victim’s husband, 34-year-old Soeun Sea, lived in the same village, commune, and district.

The district police confirmed that after the incident, the female suspect fled and hid at the house of her mother, Nak, which is more than 400 meters from the scene before she was arrested by the search force.

She was detained and sent to the Veal Veng District Police Inspectorate for questioning and to build a case to be forwarded to the Provincial Police in accordance with legal procedures. MCPN

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