Door Fiddler On The Roof- Cops Coax Down Man After 3 Hours

Battambang: On July 7, 2021, police arrested one of two suspects who broke into the door of a livestock farm in Group 6, Chrap Veal Village, Anlong Vil Commune, Sangke District, Battambang Province.

The arrest of the suspect came after the villagers found him breaking the door of a livestock farm with a manager named Tek Seng Thai, male, 45 years old, living in Watkor, Battambang, to steal property. As residents spotted and shouted, the two suspects fled the scene, with one collecting property and the other armed with a machete, fleeing to hide on the first floor of a resident’s home. The suspect was spotted by people, and the authorities shouted for him to come down and surrender, but would-be Spiderman refused to come down.

It took the police, together with the public, almost 3 hours before the suspect surrendered to the police .

In front of the police, the suspect confessed that he was named Nouch Kona, male, 35 years old, residing in Svay Chrum village, O’Dambang 2 commune, Sangke district, Battambang province. On the day of the incident, he, along with another accomplice, broke into the door of a livestock farm and stole some property.

The materials lost in this case include: – 1 large power cable about 200 meters long, some large generator parts, 10 small motors for wiring and a light box.

Police have prepared to build a case to send the suspect to the office to follow legal procedures. POST NEWS

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