Wife Murdered With An Ax In Kampong Speu

Kampong Speu Province: A woman died after her husband attacked her with an ax on July 5, 2021 in Kork village, Sangke Satop commune, Oral district, Kampong Speu province.

According to a report from the Oral district police, they received information from 16-year-old Chum Vanlina, the victim’s daughter, that there was a heated dispute between her father and mother.

Oral district authorities said that after receiving the information, experts went to the scene and reported to the higher level to ask the district and provincial doctors to participate in the examination of the body they discovered.

According to the police, 53-year-old San Sopheap, lived in Kork village, Sangke Satop commune, Oral district, suffered a 5 cm deep cut in the neck below the right ear. Close to the body was an ax, 2 cans of beer and 2 boxes of cigarettes.

The husband, who is the prime suspect, escaped from the scene. According to the police, Chak Yoeun, alias Voeun, some called Ta Cheang is 68 years old and was born in Preah Bat Choan Chum village, Preah Bat Choan Chum commune, Kirivong district, Takeo province.

Police added that according to the explanation of Chum Vann Lina, a 16-year-old female child of the victim, she did not sleep at home with her mother, but went to sleep at a relative’s house on July 4, 2021. At 6 pm, Chak Yoeun, rode her mother’s motorbike to call her to come and sleep at home, but she did not come. On the morning of July 5, 2021, she called her mother several times, but she did not answer, so she rode with a friend named Sophea to visit her mother. When she arrived home and found her dead in a pool of blood in the house.

Police said that according to the explanation of Vong Ran, a 60-year-old female in the commune where the incident took place, on July 4, 2021 at 12 noon, San Sopheap (the victim) went to Kiel Ko. At the same time, she was wearing a necklace, a bracelet, a ring and showed her $ 3,000. At that time, the victim said Chak Yoeun (her husband) had said that he wanted to kill himself. The victim said she had borrowed $ 5,000 from an organization but had already spent $ 2,000. On the morning of the 5th the witness went to Kampong Speu market at 12 noon and came back to hear that San Sopheap was dead.

Authorities handed over the body to relatives for a traditional ceremony, while the husband suspected of the killing is being hunted. AREY

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