Thai Temple Not Ripping Off Angkor Wat

Ministry of Culture, Culture and Fine Arts: Press Release on the construction of stone temples in Borei Rom province of Thailand

The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts would like to inform the public that through social media, especially Facebook, (there have been posts) related to the construction of a stone temple in Borei Rom in Thailand. In the past few days, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has been in close contact and cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in the Kingdom of Thailand to research and collect more information. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia conducted a thorough research and gathered some basic information as follows:

  1. This temple is one of the most diverse stone structures in the world.
    The shrine of the Buddha image for worship is located in Wat Puthbat Seila Phumanfa of Nong Bolay Village, Banxing Commune
    Nang Romrong, Borei Rom Province, Kingdom of Thailand. The construction is made of sandstone on the outside and cast concrete embedded in steel from the inside.
  2. Through clarification and presentation of construction documents, the pagoda’s chief priest confirmed that the construction of this temple did not copy the layout, nor is being built in the same architectural style as Angkor Wat or any ancient temple in Cambodia, that is, it is built according to the layout and design
    according to the architecture of some of the temples in the area.
  3. Representatives of the temple construction project coordinator also welcomed the request for professional officers of Cambodian architecture to inspect directly in case of doubt.

The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts would like to express our deep gratitude to our compatriots who always take care to protect and promote the prestige of the national identity as well as the precious national cultural arts

With high dignity. The Ministry will work and monitor this work carefully. As mentioned above, please keep the public informed.

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