Social Media Outraged By Thai Angkor Wat Copy Construction

There has been much surprise on social media, following a Thai story that plans are underway to build a temple that imitates the style of Angkor Wat.

The widely shared story claims that builders in Thailand are constructing temples in the old Khmer style in their country surfaced in early July 2021.

According to some ‘Thailand to soon build second Angkor Wat temple at Thailand’s famous Wat Phum Man Pha’. The next project is the construction of the second Angkor Wat, the largest replica of Angkor Wat in the world. The construction of the second Angkor Wat temple, or the so-called Sihanakorn Temple (Sihanakorn Temple), celebrated its first groundbreaking ceremony on April 5, 2021 at Wat Phuman Pha Phaya Chang Rang, Ban Nong Buray Village, Ban Sing Commune. Neang Rang district, Borei Rom province, with construction scheduled to be completed in seven to eight years. We have provided you with a sample of the temple and the layout of the temple that will start construction soon, as well as a picture of the top 3 temples that have already been built and will be completed soon.

Cambodia social media is less than pleased, with VD7 NEWS writing: Because Angkor Wat is a World Heritage Site, according to international law Article 6 Duplicate, Article 10 and Article 10 Duplicate Article of the Paris Convention on the Protection of Industrial Property of March 20, 1883 and other principles related to preserving the values ​​of Khmer ancient temples, we can not allow the construction of replicas like this, we also hope that the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, the relevant authorities will take immediate action in this regard, not until it is time to build. There is a reaction.
Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts: Department of Culture and Fine Arts Phnom Penh Phoeurng Sackona – Minister of Culture and Fine Arts UNESCO Cambodia Apsara National Authority Apsara National Authority

There have been complaints before, such as in 2015, when India scrapped plans to build a replica of the famous temple in Bihar State, after objections from the Cambodian government .

However, as CNE first reported in 2018, a Chinese built Angkor replica in Nanning, China was opened with great fanfare. Even Fresh News praised the tourist attraction, for which tickets cost around $35 a day.

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    Why Thailand why do you have to build Angkor wat huh why


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