UPDATE: Fire At Kandal Oil Depot

Kandal Province: An oil depot is reported to be the source of huge fire, causing surprise to the people and the authorities. The above incident happened at 12:10 on July 4, 2021 at Prek Run village, Prek Koy commune, Saang district, Kandal province, the location of Che Lai Pheng’s oil storage. Currently, the Saang district authorities, as well as the Kandal provincial police force led by Major General Chhoeun Socheat, the provincial police commissioner, have sent fire trucks to the scene to help put out the blaze. People’s homes are also reported to be at risk 

In the above incident, the authorities have not yet confirmed the cause. However, Major General Chhoeun Socheat, Kandal Provincial Police Commissioner, is leading the force to put out the fire. NOKORWAT

UPDATE: The fuel depot fire was completely extinguished at 2:20 pm after the use of 12 fire trucks, including 4 vehicles of the Kandal Provincial Police, 4 vehicles of the bodyguard headquarters and 4 vehicles of the Ministry of Interior.

The fire broke out at 12:10 on July 4, 2021, and was brought under control and prevented from spreading to neighboring houses. 

Police confirmed the cause was caused by an electric shock from workers welding. The warehouse was completely damaged with about 10,000 liters of oil inside. 


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