Mr. B’s Temple O’ The Week- Barsaet (Battambang)

Mr. B, Is bouncing back in Battambang- thankfully he lost the hat this time. Loved and loathed by readers in pretty much equal measure- nobody can deny his enthusiasm for the task he has set himself.

“Barsaet Temple is located in Barsaet Villlage, Tapoan commune, Sangke District, about 15 kilometers east of Battambang provincial town. The temple was built in the 11th century, between AD 1036 and 1042, during the region of King Suryavarman I (AD 1002-1050). This temple was seriously damaged, and only the door frame remains. Next to this temple, there is an ancient pond that is 20 meters long, 12 meters wide and 10 meters deep. It hold water year round.”

PS Purposely chose the cover shot to look like Mr. B is coming up after double dropping Mitsubishis at an after party in Ibiza.

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