Kambodschanischer Pfeffer Ist Am Besten!

According to a recent report, Cambodian pepper exports in the first six months of 2021 amounted to 14,561.62 tons, an increase of 398. 76%.

Of that, Germany accounted for 160.57 tons, the largest of all European countries that imported pepper from Cambodia. It was followed by France with 19.01 tons Belgium with 10.63 tons, Poland 7.09 tons, the Czech Republic with 6.10 tons, Sweden 1.29 tons, the United Kingdom with 1.24 tons, Switzerland 0.48 tons and Russia 0.31 tons. The United States imported 1.75 tons and Canada 0.52 tons.

The country that imports the most pepper from Cambodia is Vietnam with 14,291.49 tons. In addition, there are 42 tons sent to India, 2.58 tons to Japan, 1.55 tons to Korea, 15 tons to Taiwan and 0.01 tons imported to the United Arab Emirates. NKD

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