The Lions Of Kampot Zoo

Kampot: One dark-maned lion seems to be in poor health, showing desperate gestures, while other animals are living in small, narrow cages, with sad faces, seemingly depicting a life of lack of freedom and full of stress. 

Some pictures were recently posted on a Facebook account named Savra Norng, who wrote “This lion and others animal are in very bad condition but no one speaks out for them it’s at (*the often criticized) Kampot Zoo (Tada waterfall) pls Help to share and helping them getting out of this hell. ” 

However, there has been no explanation or confirmation from the relevant organizations and authorities on this issue yet. Hopefully there will be a proper solution for this wildlife soon. SABAY

One thought on “The Lions Of Kampot Zoo

  • July 1, 2021 at 5:20 pm

    I really hate this place. It should have been closed down decades ago or never allowed to open. Disgusting. Perhaps locking up the owner in an equal cage would teach him a lesson.


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