Youth Knife Fight Ends In Bloodbath In Khemarak Phoumin

Koh Kong: A group of 5 to 10 youths used weapons to stab at each other, causing one death at around 10 pm on June 22, 2021, in front of the Samaki Private School near Sangkat Dang Tong, Khemarak Phoumin.

According to police, the deceased was an 18-year-old resident of Peam Krasop village, Peam Krasop commune, Mondul Seima district named Li Ma. He suffered two injuries to the center of his head and four to the torso. Another youth, 19-year-old Pak Ravuth, was seriously injured and is being treated at the Provincial Referral Hospital.

Police say they are examining security camera footage of the violence. The other young people fled immediately after the incident- the exact cause of which is still unknown, as the specialized police force is investigating to find the perpetrators. RASMEI

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