Travelers To Siem Reap Advised To Use Self-Registration System

Siem Reap: The Siem Reap Provincial Administration has launched a self-registration program for Siem Reap border checkpoints to control people entering and leaving the province and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In order to save time for travelers wishing to enter Siem Reap, the provincial administration will launch a self-registration program- the Siem Reap geographical registration system from June 21, 2021 as follows:

1. Go to the Web at
2. Register via Facebook or E-mail (Gmail)
3. Fill in personal information and vehicle records
– Fill in ID number, name, gender, age, nationality and phone number
4. Create a record Pass through the province by entering personal information and passengers
– Select the entry point to the province, the province traveling from and the province traveling to
– Fill in the ID number, name, gender, age, nationality and phone number
– Fill in the village, commune, district traveling from 
– Select the province to go to, select the village, commune, district,
– enter in the list and continue to fill the passengers in the same car until the full number, click enter the passenger and save
5. Download QR and ID Card to show border officials

At the same time, the provincial administration would like to inform that it is better to fill in this information before arriving at the border destination or checkpoint. In case you can not register through this system, you can register with the team that is waiting to coordinate the registration on the roads.

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