Boater Brawl Spills Onto Water, Into Oyster Restaurant (Video)

Phnom Penh: According to reports, rival tourist boat operators on the river bank in front of the night market began a violent confrontation at 11:25 on June 21, 2021. The incident began on the bank of the river, at the corner of Preah Sisowath Street and Street 178 in Sangkat Chey Chumneah, Khan Daun Penh.

Sources, who asked not to be named, said the incident started as a business dispute between two men- one operating an unnamed vessel and the other side with a boat named Narin.

The source added that prior to the incident, the unnamed boat was moored on the river bank in Daun Penh district’s Chey Chumneas commune near the riverside park waiting for guests. The Narin tourist boat came to a stop nearby and the boatmen got into an argument, which ended in a brawl- two of them suffered injuries to their faces and mouths, and then they fled on the boat to moor on the opposite river bank near Sokha Hotel in Chroy Changva district.

The start of the fight on Sisowath Quay- supplied

The same source added that because of this, the unnamed boat operators hoisted anchor and chased the Narin over to the middle of the river, frightening the Narin crew, who escaped ashore into “Khmer Oyster Seafood” for help. The other side stormed into the restaurant causing, making customers inside flee in terror. Equipment, plates, tables and chairs in some shops were in the resulting brawl and panic.

The source added that after the violence, the boat crews on both sides ran to their respective vessels and crossed back to Sangkat Chey Chumneas, Khan Daun Penh. The owner of the oyster restaurant complained to the authorities to intervene. Police then found several injured people, who were taken to the Victory Police Station for questioning.

After the incident, the two groups of tour boat operators claimed that they were the each the victims and filed separate complaints against each other. The restaurant owner also filed a lawsuit against the two groups, demanding compensation for the material damage in his shop.

After the incident, because both parties were injured, the authorities have already received complaints from all parties, and allowed them to go to treat their wounds first. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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    Eating oysters can have unforeseen consequences.


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