COVID Cases Fall To 471, 928 Treated, 20 More Deaths

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Health issued the daily press release on the morning of 19 June 2021, confirming the discovery of 471 new positive cases of COVID-19 and 928 cases that were treated and the patients discharged. Another 20 deaths were reported.

At least 45 cases were reportedly imported , with the other 426 linked to the post 20/2 local infections, which would bring the total to the latest outbreak to around 40,590 (with 45 imported- sources may vary slightly).

Provincial releases in past few hours (*unclear what days these have been counted as and are only added as a rough guide- due to the Ministry of Health no longer announcing the regional numbers):

Prey Veng: 27, Siem Reap: 29

This brings the total number of cases to around 42,052 cases with 36,868 cases treated. The death toll has risen to by another 20 to 414. Please note- these numbers may not be 100% accurate.

Charts by David Benaim of XLConsulting

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