Christian Graves Disturbed In Siem Reap Land Division Case

Siem Reap Province: It has been reported that consecrated graveyard land was cleared to be divided into lots for sale in Bosch Kralanh village, Sangkat Chreav, Siem Reap city.

Prak Wutty, founder of the Christian Funeral Home and President of the Pastoral Association, said by telephone on June 15, 2021 that he would file a lawsuit against the conspirators who cleared graves on land measuring around 50m x 100m. Since 2004, the Methodist Church of Cambodia and the Christian Funeral Home have been using the site for burial. Thus, any person who conspires to take this land or divide the lot for sale must be punished according to the law.

He said that if there were conspirators who had cleared the graves to divide the land for sale, he will prepare to file a lawsuit against those involved legally.

Kob Ron, chief of Chreav commune, said he did not know the case, but could ask Khon to find out.

A Mr. Khun Sokhon said that he was ready to buy the land, but hasn’t purchased it yet, and had just made a reservation waiting for the seller to agree. He denied that the one who cleared the land, and suggested reporters contact Mr. Chan Chhvel, who is the owner.

However, the Siem Reap Post network could not reach Mr. Chan Chhvel, who it is claimed to be the owner of the land, for comment on June 15.

Siem Reap Mayor Nuon Putheara confirmed by telephone that all land clearing must be accompanied by a valid land title and permit. Not so, it is illegal. However, if the above land is still involved with the Christian association, they can come and apply to the city hall.

The mayor continued that although the municipal authorities have not yet inspected the location of the land, if it is found that the land is under the control of the Tonle Sap Lake Authority, the city hall does have authority.

Mr. Prak Vuthy still confirmed his position that he would prepare documents to file a complaint and hold a press conference on the graveyard situation to find out who was involved and protest the division on land and any desecration of Christian graves. SRP

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Posted at 17.55 on June 18 Cambodia time, from an article published in Siem Reap Post on June 16, 2021

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