Photographer Jeff Perigois Hosting Free Event At Exchange This Thursday

Phnom Penh: Well-known in expat circles, the French photographer Jeff Perigois is hosting an exhibition of his latest work at The Exchange on Thursday June 17.

Jean Francois “Jeff” Perigois, is a photographer who has been making his way through Southeast Asia since the turn of the century, before setting up his base in Cambodia. Having eschewed the monotony of order in France to immerse himself in this flawed-and-vibrant region, his work seeks to capture exactly daily human interactions at street level. It is about actions, motions, reactions of humans with their surroundings — both living and inanimate — as evidenced in Breaking The Walls (2009), Cambodia’s first walking photography exhibition.

Over the years, he has been focusing on architecture and the ever-changing streetscape in Southeast Asia’s rapidly gentrifying cities. Ultimately, Jeff has the goal of creating books that captures the ongoing process of urban decay in Southeast Asia, and that critical junction where the old meets head on with the new.

Join Jeff from 7-10pm on Thursday at The Exchange, #28 France St. (47), Phnom Penh, where he will be discussing his latest works- 360 wide panoramic camera shots fitted neatly into one fun-packed frame. Examples on INSTAGRAM

Find out more in person from the man himself on Thursday evening.

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