Party’s Over For Illicit KTV

Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh Unity Command Force, in collaboration with Po Sen Chey District Unity Command Force, closed a karaoke business in Poprak Tbong Village, Sangkat Kakap I, Khan Por Senchey, Phnom Penh.

A large number of people were arrested and taken for questioning at 8:20 pm on June 14, 2021, after they were found violating COVID prevention rules.

At the time of the incident, some people reported that the location of the ‘Party’ karaoke was being used by a large number of guests, who sang happily and did not follow the orders to prevent COVID-19. Phnom Penh Capital Administration issued a decision to the Unified Command to crack down and temporarily close the business.

Authorities confirmed that during the operation, police arrested 32 people, including 16 women, and took them to the Phnom Penh Municipal Police. NKD

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