Japanese Firm Asks To Look Into Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

On June 14, HE Veng Sakhon, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, met with the Director General of Yamato Green at the Ministry.

The meeting was a friendly and cooperative, discussing an investment partnership for the development of horticulture (vegetable crops). Productivity, production ideas were raised, along with exports, which also included the possibility of marijuana plants.

The company stated that marijuana is a medicinal plant for the health sector (seeds, not leaves *possibly also meaning hemp) as medicine. Many companies are interested in investing in Cambodia, bringing seeds from the United States and finished products to the United States and Japan.

The company added that Thailand and Korea are currently licensed for cultivation and processing and are exporting to the United States and Japan on technical and scientific contractual terms.

This point was taken into consideration by the Minister and requested the company to cooperate with the relevant ministries, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, to cultivate in a clearly defined area of ​​land in the station or an agricultural research center with scientific evidence before submitting a formal request to the Royal Government for approval. KPT

*In February 2019, the idea of legislated marijuana growing was mooted by HE Minister Sar Khmeng

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